The Good Home – Design Workshop

Nowhere to hide – Living with others


In November 2016, we had a inspiring workshop with Designer Alexandra Deschamps from the good home  at the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg (Germany) during our international Werkwoche.

Our Workshop Topic was:  Nowhere to hide – living with others  where we had to find new ways of living with ‘others’: parents, loved ones, older relatives or flatmates.

We worked with what we had in hand: paper, cardboard, laptops and electronics.

Five teams of 2 students presented the work at the end of the week in the form of a pop-up Exhibition.

Me and Madita Herpich designed the NOOK.


When people decide to share a household together, compromises will be part of their dailz routine. in a home where you have nowhere to hide from conflicts an arguments, but also from love, laughter and joy. Building a personal comfortzone is necessary. „NOOK“ offers several ways to achieve some necessay me-time by not closing doors for others to come and join.With an open design and flexible materials „NOOK“ tries to give solace to everyone, no matter what their living situation is.


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